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Home Appliance Energy Calculator

Wondering how much your appliances are costing you in electricity? Use the calculator below to find out!

  • Select your utility from the "Select Utility Service Territory" dropdown menu.
  • Find the appliance of interest (in the column with the blue text).
  • For each appliance of interest, select number of units, the appliance's type or settings, and how it is operated (e.g. number of hours and months the appliance is in use, how many loads per day, etc.)
  • That is it. The annual energy consumption and cost of the appliance is automatically calculated

  • The two far right columns (with orange text) shows the annual energy consumption of the appliance in "KILOWATT-HOURS" or "KWH" and the annual cost of the electricity needed to operate the appliance.
  • The total for all the appliances are added and displayed on the top in the "Total Electricity Use" and "Total Electricity Cost" fields.
  • The "Reset to Default Values" button below will clean up the calculator page by reverting all fields back to the initial values.
  • The "Print Calculator Page" button will print just the calculator page.
  • The calculator used an estimated commodity price for the electric rate. Your rate will likely be different.
  • The electric rate only includes fixed commodity pricing - your overall savings may be greater.